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   Laserjet And Inkjet Printer - Which Is Best?

Laserjet printer and inkjet printers allow you to print professional-looking documents everytime some of which are not limited to flyers, spreadsheets, documents and brochures, from home and while in office. When choosing a printer, You got to first decide on Which one is best for you? Here's how to decide between an inkjet and laser machine to handle work around your workplace.You will want to make an estimation based on your budget as against your desired speed and colour accuracy and print volume.

Before you start shopping for your desired model, take some time to discuss first on your printing habits--the kind of document you intend to print maybe a plain text document, graphics and photos, or a combination of both), You can also go an extent to know how much you print in pages per week.

You can also ask yourself whether your print involves an external communication. If your prints involves more of promotional materials, put into consideration the content and print quality you desire. From The tips below, you can Find out more about the basic types of printers and their pros and cons and that which is best for you . That way, you can shop with the right type of printer in mind.

Making a choice between inkjet and laser printers should solely depend on your intended usages. This is because inkjet printers are more suited for printing low volume print jobs while laser models are more useful for hugh volume printing.

Comparisons Betweeen laser and inkjet printers.

1. Speed: Which printer is the fastest?

Lasers are known to print pages more faster than an inkjet models. Laser printers use a laser beam that sends a digital image of the desired document onto an internal drum. That same drum moves on to collect the necessary amount of toner powder in the relevant areas of its face before pressing down onto the page to print the document. Also, because it all works digitally, it doesn't matter how much content is on a document, the laser printer will take the same amount of time to print any single page. Even when it comes to low-end cheaper monochrome laser printers, you can enjoy print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute. Inkjet machine are significantly slower, with budget printers rarely printing more than 6 pages per minute of black text.

2. Low cost per page: which printer is the cheapest?

Inkjet models are still found to be more cheaper than laser printers. You can find a good working colour inkjet machine for under N10,000 in a printer store in nigeria, and they're still the colour printing solution for the home PC owner. Over time, toner costs for a laser printer will total far less per page than replacing inkjet printer cartridges. Generally inkjet printers have a price per page of around 40 naira considering both black and colour cartridges — if you want to print just black, your cost per page can spring to 50 - 60 naira per page. You can find a cheap black-and-white laser printers that have a price of around 10 naira per page on average. The cost per page generally drops quickly when you consider a laser printer.

3. Low noise operation: which printer produces less noise?

During operation, A laser printer tends to produce less noise when compared to low-cost inkjet model and this can add as an advantage and a big deal for a quiet office in which the printer is made to occupy a central location for all users to work on and mostly an MFP - Multifunction printer. Inkjet printers are still paving way till now but considered a slow process when compared to that of laser printing. Inkjet printer are best suited for home users and small businesses that has a light printing needs. Depending on your required features, quality of image and paper-handling capabilities, You can still buy an inkjet model for a price tag below N10,000.

4. Text print quality - Which printer produces clear crispy printouts?

When it comes to printing black and white document, no matter how much you pay for for an inkjet printer, laser printing is unbeatable and till recently, no inkjet printer is known to turn out black text and line graphics as crisp as a laser model. However, Inkjets can print on varieties of media ranging from textured stationery like coated fabric or iron-on transfers and even on banner-size sheets. Some inkjet models can also print on specially coated CDs and DVDs

For normal print sizes of 12pt or more, text printing quality is similar between both laser and inkjet printing platforms. Moreover, if your job requires printing that involves a small font then you can consider a laser model which are normally superior to inkjets since the fusing technology equipped inside is instrumental to the minute curves and dots of small text. You can go along to pick a monochrome laser printer if most of the document you intend printing involves more of text and less colour.

Despite the popularity of Inkjets over the years as par plain office paper, some available models still produce gray, fuzzy text or grainy, oddly colored graphics on such paper. If you are considering quality printout textual document, It is best to look out a pigment-based inkjet printer rather than going for dye-based model. You can also achieve best color images if you adjust some setting in the printer driver settings.

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Recommended Articles

Laserjet And Inkjet Printer - Which Is Best?

Laserjet printer and inkjet printers allow you to print professional-looking documents everytime some of which are not limited to flyers, spreadsheets, documents and brochures, from home and while in office. When choosing a printer, You got to first decide on Which one is best for you?...

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 Tips To Reduce Ink Or Toner Usage In Your Printer

At It World Store, We always have the environment in mind and also propose money saving tips to our customers to save them some few naira in their wallet. In this article, we have provided some useful tips that can help you reduce the consumption of ink or toner in your printer which tends to go a long way to reduce your printing cost drastically.

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 Advantages Of Buying Original HP Inkjet Cartridge

You dont have to compromise on quality when it comes to buying your deskjet / designjet / photosmart etc printer ink cartridges. If quality printing, great print reliability, and amazing value is your concern, then genuine HP inks serves you all. Hewlett packard offers a variety of inkjet cartridge types for many of its printer ranges.

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